Finalize Job Board page



  • What it sounds like! We could use a public job board page with links to open roles, projects (jobs to be done), etc.
  • also include bounties:
    • Beanscan
    • forking ENS and building BNS (.farmer—for Farm balances?)
    • adding automatic proposal banners to bean.money

Beanstalk Farms is a decentralized development organization of core contributors working on Beanstalk, operating across the stack on technical and non-technical problems. You can read more about how Beanstalk Farms is funded here.

The Beanstalk Farms Committee (BFC) is the group of Beanstalk Farms contributors that has discretion over the Beanstalk Farms budget, including contributor compensation. The BFC hires contributors at Beanstalk Farms.

Info about the Beanstalk Farms Committee (BFC)

The Beanstalk DAO governs


The following lists of roles and projects happens to be what the current Beanstalk Farms Committee is looking for.

If your skillset doesn’t quite fit with what Beanstalk Farms is looking TODO

Contributing to Beanstalk as part of Beanstalk Farms is also permissionless.

If you have questions about anything you see, join the Beanstalk Discord and ask in the (#❓ • questions) channel!

Jobs to be Done is currently a list of projects that the Beanstalk Farms Operations