Document how to change all the non-contract Discord bots in ‣



  • document who has access and how to update them
  • not referring to funderberker’s bots here
  • document in
    Process Guides
  1. Verification bots
    1. 🤖
      Discord Verification Overview
      documents the process but unclear who has access to change them and how
  2. TweetShift bot (#tweets channel)
  3. Snapshot bot (#snapshots channel)
    1. This might just be a webhook added to Discord, to be looked into
  4. FredBoat Beanthoven Bot (#honky-tonk + #backstage channels)
    1. this software no longer accepts YouTube videos, we should figure out a way to revive Beanthoven bot as part of this project
  5. LoFi Radio bot
    1. This might be Silo Chad’s personal Discord account, we should migrate it to the Beanstalk Operations Discord account if possible
  6. Statbot (the # of members voice channel at the top of Discord)
    1. how does one change this and who has access?
  7. Collab.land for BeaNFT roles
    1. how does one change this and who has access?

List of Bots

  • Dyno- General discord management
  • Sledgehammer- Verification
  • Fredboat bot- BeanThoven songs
  • Craig- meeting recording
  • DEGEN - ?
  • GasTracker - Tracking Gas
  • Lofi Radio - Plays Lofi
  • Snapshot - Sends message when snapshot goes live
  • Statbot - Shows membership
  • TweetShift - Sends message when Beanstalk tweets
  • Youtube Bot - Sends message when a Youtube video is posted
  • Zapier - ?