BIP-32: Seraph, Blockchain Security Notary



2 of 3 necessary to veto use of audit funds

  1. BFM
  2. BSM
  3. Publius

Each have 1 vote

Need a separate Snapshot page for audit vetoes?

Redirects to update

  • /bcm-process
  • /arweave-guides
  • /bsc-process
  • /bic-process
  • /immunefi (bug bounty program)
  • /disclosures
  • /audit-process

  • /pipeline-halborn-report
  • /bip-29-halborn-report
  • /ui-pentest-halborn-report
  • /bip-24-halborn-report
  • /07-22-22-full-audit-tob-review
  • /07-22-22-full-audit-tob-report
  • /07-13-22-full-audit-halborn-report


  • If a BIP has code (unlike BIP-26), it must have a detailed list of which selectors are added, removed, changed, like in the Contract Changes section
    • Facet Changes
    • AppStorage changes
    • Library changes
    • Interface changes


  • Seraph Governance doc—to be added to Farmers’ Almanac after BIP
  • BIP-XX: Seraph, proposed by Halborn
  • Runbooks are being worked on with the Beanstalk Seraph Committee

After the BIP

  • After the BIP, the following changes need to be made to the Farmers’ Almanac:
    • add BSCM Dashboard page
    • Add BSC Process page
    • link to BSCM Dashboard in Multisig section of Contracts page
  • need a marketing blog post for the BIP passing as well (if it passes)