Bi-Weekly Bean #16

E Real

Bi-Weekly Bean #16

Welcome to the Bi-Weekly Bean, the newsletter that recaps the latest developments in the Beanstalk ecosystem.

This issue covers Seasons 8558 through 8867 which spanned 11/17/22 – 11/30/22.

What is Beanstalk? Beanstalk is a permissionless fiat stablecoin protocol built on Ethereum. Learn more at bean.money.
  • Both BIR-3 and BIR-4 passed and were executed by the BCM as rewards for bug bounties identified by white hats via Beanstalk’s Immunefi bug bounty program.
  • A ROOT:BEAN Uniswap V3 pool is now live, enabling users to swap in and out of Roots with minimal slippage and no Withdrawal timer.
  • Check out 2 new Bean Pod episodes about teaching & learning DeFi, featuring @mrinconcruz from The Buttonwood Foundation and @Ceazor.

Feel free to drop by Discord if you have any questions—the Beanstalk community is full of curious Farmers who enjoy answering questions and discussing interesting ideas.

Protocol Summary - Seasons 8558-8867


The price of Bean crossed its peg 10 times and protocol liquidity decreased 1.8% to ~$26.8M.


The Pod Rate (outstanding Pods per Bean) decreased 18.6 points to 2289%.


The Temperature increase by 790 points to 4693%.


Notes and Recordings

Beanstalk Farms Updates

Audits in Progress

  • BIP-X: Sunrise Improvements
  • Full re-audit of Beanstalk
  • Upcoming Root work also under audit

Functionality and Development Upgrades

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