Beanstalk Whitepaper Version 2.3.0 Update + GitHub README update + RFC/BIP Templates


update this PR:

⚠️ add bean.money/barn

add bean.money/bip-30


BIP-30 changes
change instances of Gnosis to Safe (and update to app.safe.global link)
change instances of BIP GitHub markdown to bean.money redirects
change instances of Snapshot proposal links to bean.money redirects
change instances of Arweave URLs to bean.money redirects
change whitepaper to Whitepaper when referring to the Beanstalk Whitepaper
change whitepaper version history links to Beanstalk Whitepaper GitHub repo

  • add a href link to bean.money/bip-0 under 1.1.0 in Version History or “Pause Patch”
    • check to see if these are already referenced in the core text itself
  • in version history:
    • do we want to direct link or have an href?