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April 27, 2024

Insecure TLS Protocol Support (TLS 1.0)

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Websites and Applications

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  • Lack of valid SSL/TLS


The continued support of TLS 1.0 poses a severe security risk by potentially allowing attackers to decrypt sensitive data transferred over the network.

Vulnerability Details

The website "https://basin.exchange/" supports TLS 1.0, a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communications security over a computer network. Despite its initial purpose, TLS 1.0 is now deprecated due to inherent vulnerabilities that expose it to several attack vectors, including but not limited to cipher block chaining (CBC) attacks and protocol downgrade attacks.

Impact Details

An attacker positioned as a man-in-the-middle could exploit the known vulnerabilities in TLS 1.0 to decrypt or alter the communications, potentially stealing sensitive data or injecting malicious content into the sessions.



Immunefi Response

Immunefi has reviewed this vulnerability report and decided to close since being out of scope for Beanstalk bug bounty program.
  • claimed impact by the whitehat is in scope for the bug bounty program
  • claimed asset by the whitehat is in scope for the bug bounty program
  • PoC has not been submitted to the project
  • claimed severity is in scope for the bug bounty program

The project will now be automatically subscribed and receive a report of the closed submission and can evaluate if they are interested in re-opening it. However, note that they are not under any obligation to do so.