Report #13489

Report Date
November 13, 2022

Multiple Withdraw with (External/External-Internal) mode

Report Info

Reporter Response

Apologies made a mistake, the withdrawals are for 1 not the total amounts please cancel this report. I mistaken the 1 for transfer mode but its actually the amount and thats why the test was passing. It has been a long night, sorry

Immunefi Reponse

Hi, Immunefi has reviewed this vulnerability report and decided to close since being out of scope for Beanstalk bug bounty program.
  • claimed impact by the whitehat is in scope for the bug bounty program
  • claimed asset by the whitehat is not in scope for the bug bounty program
  • PoC has been submitted to the project
  • claimed severity is in scope for the bug bounty program

Since this bug bounty program does not require Immunefi's triaging, note that Immunefi does not:

  • check if whitehat's claims are factually correct
  • check PoC to understand the validity
  • assess the submission's severity

These activities are the project's responsibility.

The project will now be automatically subscribed and receive a report of the closed submission and can evaluate if they are interested in re-opening it. However, note that they are not under any obligation to do so.